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There is no denying that every gamer wants to turn their basement or spare room into a gaming man cave or lady cave whatever you want to call it. Hats off to the people that have actually done it!

Through out my regular day on social media I see a huge amount of people showing off their gaming room ideas and setups. I decided I would like to take the opportunity to share them here with you guys.

So here are 10 of the best gaming room ideas I’ve seen over the course of these past few months. Hopefully these will inspire you to get that basement finished and converted into your own gaming man cave (or lady cave).

1. Slick & Stylish Game Room Setup

This is a slick and stylish game room / in home theatre setup. It’s a simple gaming room with its own in house theater and a simple design.

2. Purple Backlight Gaming Setup

This gaming setup is phenomenal. Simple purple backlights behing your gaming PC to create the ultimate gaming ambience. I’m personally going to be adding a backlight to my gaming room. Whenever I get it finished. Not decided on the colour yet.

3. Star Wars Theme Gaming Setup

As I write this I’m literally humming the Star Wars theme song. For all those avid star wars fans out there do you dream of a better Star Wars theme setup than this? You have to have the light sabers on the wall.

4. Magnificent Computer Workstation Setup

Ok so maybe 8 monitors is overkill, but still it looks totally amazing. You have a choice here, blue backlighting behind your monitor or (forgive me because I don’t know the correct technical term) up the wall lighting for that extra fancy ambienze.

5. Gamer Portal Idea

Now forgive me, because I couldn’t tell you if this is photoshopped or not but regardless it still looks phenomenal and is definitely do able. It’s probably not recommended, putting a hole through your wall. You could just hang up a circular mirror and put some accent lighting around it to get the same if not better result.

6. Gamer Collection Shelf

This is a simple gamer collection shelf, all you have to do is run to your hardware store, buy a shelf and get some white under lighting for each shelf and your all set. Backlighting always gives off that premium feel.

7. Red Simple PC Gamer Setup

Here we have a simple red themed pc gamer setup. It’s pretty basic, but looks professional. It wouldn’t take much to do this, you’ll just have to get yourself a good gaming chair.

8. Funky Retro Gaming Setup

Everyone loves retro gaming themes. This is the ultimate retro setup with arcades consoles, arcade controllers into the table and an all room retro theme.

9. Console & Gaming Wall

This is a popular concept that a few people have used. It’s the ultimate console wall system. A collection of gaming consoles all in one place.

10. Badass Simple Gaming Basement

This is the basement every gamer wants.. Simple gaming area with everything you need.

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