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You’ve gone out and got your new phone. You’re super excited, it still has that new scent and glistens in the sunlight. You walk out the door, your phone rings, you reach to grab it… It slips out your hand hits the ground face up “bang” you look at your brand new phone, “phew” it looks still in tact you pick it up, turn it around and the back of your brand new phone is shattered into little tiny pieces. The screen still works, but your glistening brand new phone is ruined, and you probably signed a 2 year renewal.

How many of you have done this? it happens all too often!

As soon as you get your phone, you need to get a case. Get it before, if you know what phone your getting. When it comes to choosing a case it’s not a difficult choice, it’s just there are literally thousands of them out there and it almost makes it impossible to choose.

I’ve made that choice a little easier and narrowed it right down to 5 cases I’d recommend.  Smart phone cases that I would use for my own device, all within budget and built with quality in mind.

#1 UAG iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6S Plus Feather-Light Composite Military Drop Tested iPhone Case – Ash

Here we have the UAG iPhone 6/6s plus case. The UAG brand is one of my personal favourites. This case has an armor shell and an impact resistant core. Also all UAG cases meet military drop test standards. Not only is this case one of its kind it’s only 49.99CAD which is extremely affordable.

#2 Blu Element 2 in 1 Folio iPhone 6/6S Case.

Here’s another iPhone 6 case, don’t worry we will get to other models too. This iPhone case by blu element is one of my favorite folio cases. It’s an affordable price and offers great protection plus some additional perks. The folio section opens up and inside has simple slip in protection that is magnetic and can be removed from the folio it also features 3 cards slots for cards and cash and has a magnetic closure for added protection.

#3 – Nomad Leather Folio iPhone 7 Case

Next up we have the Nomad leather folio iPhone 7 case. This case is extremely popular and is another folio case. This case is a little more expensive and that’s because it’s made with real leather. Like the Blu Element 2 in 1 Folio iPhone case this also has 3 card slots for your cards and cash and allows for your phone to fit snugly adding protection with the additional folio bulk.

#4 VRS Design Simpli Lite iPhone 7 Steel Silver Case

The VRS Design is an extremely affordable case with premium protection for the iPhone 7. It’s only 29.99 CAD and has some distinctive features. The VRS design cases in general are some of the best looking cases I’ve seen. This one is among my favourite as I really like the brushed metal design. Not only does this iPhone case look good and costs only 30$, but it also has a scratch prevention design and a kickstand feature as you can see in the image below.

#5 Ballistic Tough Jacket Case for iPhone 7

Last but not least, we have the ballistic tough jacket case for the iPhone 7. The ballistic jacket offers multiple layers of protection with Reinforced Ballistic Corners that provide protection against cracked screens from corner drops. Raised lips and corners provide protection from surface shock and scratches. It’s also only 29.99 cad for this case.

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