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Tell me this have you ever had your lightning cable chewed up by your dog and were able to charge your phone after that ??? I can’t say I have, but the new Fuse Chicken every day lightning cable can survive exactly that.

Fuse chicken did make a video and claimed that the cable was “virtually” indestructible (see video below). Now if you were to take an electric hack saw and try to cut this cable in half, of course it’s going to cut. I’d say so anyway, I’ve yet to test it, but my money is on the hacksaw. That test is like taking a rocket launcher to test a bullet proof vest. What are your chances that an electric hacksaw is ever going to meet your lightning cable?? Very slim.

Having said that, this cable can sure withstand a lot more damage than your typical lightning cable and comes with a customer focused warranty that’s hard to come by nowadays.

As you can see from the video above if you ever go to visit the park with your family & friends make sure to bring your lightning cable along so you can swing from the trees. Such a fun outdoor activity 🙂 .

The Fuse Chicken brand is one of our top sellers and really does offer a lightning cable that can withstand a huge amount of damage. Which does make it “virtually” indestructible as claimed on the packaging, just don’t expect it to withstand a samurai sword chop if it ever comes to that. I hope it doesn’t.

I have 2 lightning cables I’m using right now, to the right is a picture of my standard lighting cable I got with my phone. impressive huh?

Yep, that’s my cable and I like to think that I look after things, but I think my cable disagrees. This cable has literally been in the same place since I got it, so I have no idea why it’s like that, it’s naturally ran it’s course and over time they do split open with very little force to cause it. The cable is still functioning 50% of the time, but it looks horrible and I’d rather it function all the time.

I now have a fuse chicken lightning cable that I use a majority of the time. My regular lightning cable basically sucks and that’s why I’m trying to get the world to convert to fuse chicken, not just because they are virtually indestructible, but it can be very handy also.

For example: not only does the fuse chicken cable withstand excessive amounts of force, but it also allows for you to mount your phone at different angles like the image below.

Why would you care if your phone is mounted upright while charging? You know what, I thought the exact same thing, until I needed to use it. It can be quite a useful feature especially when watching videos that you don’t want to have to keep re-positioning to watch. It could also be used when your driving, but I have a phone mount for that. What I use this mounting cable for is cooking. Anytime I’m watching a DIY video I always have my cable handy in an upright position so I can watch all of my videos and avoid getting “chicken” and all sorts of junk on my phone.

Other Fuse Chicken Products

There are not only lightning cables with fuse chicken you can find both lightning cables and charging cables for your android devices. To see all fuse chicken products we offer click here.


There isn’t really much more to talk about as it is just a cable after all. The conclusion to this article is to get yourself a fuse chicken before your lightning cable looks anything like mine. If you did enjoy this article, please consider subscribing to our email newsletter below.

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