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Just got yourself a new apple watch? The smart watch is an extremely useful device. Track your fitness goals, voice command your music, become seriously connected with all your personal notifications all from a few swipes on your watch. Oh and tell the time too 🙂

When you first get the apple watch it has a “sporty” look and feel to it, at least with the silicone band that comes with it. Sure, you can go all out and purchase yourself a real premium silver band, but you’ll also be paying a real premium price as always with any Apple branded products.

In this article, I’ve compiled a few different Apple Watch accessories for you, all at reasonable price points from recognizable innovators of the industry.

Nomad Horween Leather Strap (Modern) for the 42mm Apple Watch

Here we have a good old classic leather strap band from Nomad. I feel with leather straps you either love them or you hate them. This leather band for the apple watch is surprisingly popular with it’s classic recognizable look.

Some of the current apple watch bands never seem to blend in with what you are wearing. Add some style to your apple watch with this classic looking Leather strap. There are a couple of variations in the store, but this particular band is the “fan” favorite.

Nomad Apple Watch Stand

Another highly popular product is the Nomad Stand for the Apple watch. This product is a premium apple watch stand built with military grade aluminum and a sleek, minimalistic design. It also integrates well with the apple watch charging disc. Simply take your apple watch charger, place the circular end into the stand and charge your Apple watch on the stand.

Nomad Pod Pro Lightning & Apple Watch Charger

Next we have the Nomad Pod Pro. A simple, convenient charger/battery pack for your apple watch and your iPhone. Equipped with a 6000mAh lithium ion battery, it neatly stores and hides your apple watch charging cables and comes with a integrated MFI certified lightning cable.

Moshi Travel Stand for the Apple Watch

Here we have another Apple Watch Stand, this time from a different brand Moshi. This apple watch stand is a slim, compact solution for travelers. It comes with an integrated cord storage compartment managing the length you want for your apple watch cable and it is fully adjustable. It also wraps up your cable for portability. Just plug in your apple watch charging disc and you’re ready to go.

Whoosh Diamond Defense Nano Liquid Protection – For any screen size

Though this product is designed for smartphones it does highlight that it could be used on your Apple watch. Protect your investment with this nano liquid screen protection. You don’t need any tempered glass, it’s an invisible screen protection that makes your screen 15x more scratch resistant.

How does it work?
It’s an advanced technology that creates a strong, hydrophobic, nano-thin coating on the screens glass that cannot be seen or felt. Any particles that come in contact with the treated surface bounce or slide off the coating. Minimizing the damage caused to the device.

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