Apex Legends Champion Edition (Switch)


Make your mark with the Champion Edition. It’s packed full of everything you need to establish yourself in the Apex Games. With all characters up to Season 7 instantly unlocked, you’ll be able to pick the Legend that fits your style from the start. The Champion Edition offers a great deal on valuable exclusive cosmetics, including Legendary skins and a Legendary gun charm, along with a thousand Apex Coins. You’ll be fully equipped to suit up however you please each time you drop in.

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Take the battle to the next level with the long-awaited debut of Apex Legends Champion Edition on Nintendo Switch. It brings you 9 unlocked Legends, exclusive character and weapon skins, an exclusive gun charm, and more. Jump into the arena, unleash your moves, and emerge as the champion. Switch players get 30 extra levels and additional perks, too.

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