Can’t Drive This – PlayStation 5


The unique gameplay sees players frantically building the road in front of them as your CO-OP partner attempts to drive their monster truck on your newly made raceway
If they Drive too slow – they explode
Drive too fast, they run out of road

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‘Can’t Drive This’ is a competitive co-op multiplayer party racing game (yes, this is such a thing) and some of the most fun you can have on your console. With 2-player online multiplayer game as well as up to 4 players on local split screen, single player, 4 games modes, literally trillions of customizable options across vehicles and tracks (no, we have not tried them all), and leaderboards, the fun never stops. •Single-Player •2-Player Online Multiplayer •1-4 Players Local Multiplayer (up to 4-Player Split-Screen Multiple Game Modes) •Level-Editor •Customizable Vehicles •Customizable Racetracks

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