Collar X Malice Unlimited Limited Edition SWITCH

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Return to the thrilling, deadly world of Collar X Malice with exclusive Interlude, After Story, and Adonis play modes. Enjoy these new adventures released for the fi¬rst time in the west. Revisit the characters and events of the original game, as you build new relationships while picking up the pieces in the aftermath of the fi¬rst X-Day Incident. Then buckle up for an entirely new investigatory experience as you search for traitors hidden deep within the shadowy Adonis organization.

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Explore New Paths and Mysteries! Pursue missed opportunities with the original cast, then discover completely original characters and events. Investigate Challenging Cases! Assemble clues and pro¬le individuals in different times and settings to piece together the complete story. Fresh Characters and Options Take on the ultimate challenge of the Adonis storyline – designed for multiple replays! The clock is ticking, and no single play-through will uncover all your foes.


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