Disney Classic Games Aladdin and Lion King – Xbox One

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Two of the most adored Disney games of all time are making their long-awaited return to modern game consoles in Disney’s classic animated film games: Aladin and The Lion King! This unforgettable set of Disney animation classics is full of new features, improvements and display options and new game modes, plus there are multiple versions of the games! Join Aladin and his sidekick, Abou, as they run across the market to their date with destiny. collecting precious stones during the journey.

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Multiple versions of games: Play and complete many different variations of the adored games of Aladdin and the Lion King that have been created over the years, including console and pocket-sized versions. A never-before-seen version of Aladin “Montage Final”, developed exclusively for this collection, is also included and includes adjustments to the level of difficulty, refinements to camera shots, bug fixes and many surprises for passionate.
• Updated display and visual options:
•  1080P graphics quality and improvements for modern HD TVs
•  Screen image formats and adjustable borders
• Custom filter options designed to reproduce classic CRT TVs and other common screen types
• Built-in rewind: In any game, you can instantly rewind in real time to try your luck in difficult areas
• Interactive game viewer: View complete game parts, with the ability to advance, join the game, and start playing at any time
• Save feature: Quickly save your progress in each game and continue your adventure where you want and when you want
• Museum Features: Take a behind the scenes trip and learn more about creating these incredible games. Watch video interviews with the original development teams or explore numerous galleries that include hundreds of HD concept images and previously unpublished marketing materials.
• Soundtrack: Listen to the full soundtrack of the two games in the included music players. The ability to loop and shuffle songs is also supported.


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