Grip Combat Racing Rollers Vs Airblades Ultimate Edition Playstation 4

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Grip: ultimate Edition is the award-winning arcade combat racer Reloaded. Featuring classic heavily Armoured rollers battling it out with deadly anti-grav airblades racers, experience an intergalactic Tour that’s even faster, more devastating and packed with more vehicles and mind-flipping circuits than ever before, loaded with a year’s worth of content on the disc!.

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Defy gravity in a fight to the finish line between anti-grav airblades and wheeled rollers. Hit speeds of up to mach 1 as you battle your way through 32 tracks across a host of exotic planets. Pick-up an array of power-ups and weapons, from shields and turbos to mines, missiles and explosive darts. Compete with friends in offline split screen or up your adrenaline in online multiplayer. Team up for dog-eat-dog action in 5 arena battle maps


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