iOttie iTap Mini V2 Magnetic Air Vent Universal Car Mount iPhone X 8 Plus Note

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The iOttie iTap Magnetic Mini is a compact air vent mount that holds your smartphone with a strong magnetic grip.

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The iTap Magnetic Mini attaches to smartphones with four rare-earth magnets that provide a powerful grip for its size. The iTap Magnetic Mini features a rubber Vent Grip that fits both thick and thin air vent blades and easily holds the mount in place. Designed with stylish materials, the iTap Magnetic Mini features a sleek Aluminum Bezel and a smooth anti-slip Rubber Mounting Pad. Created for portability, this low-profile mount is small enough to take with you on to go. Easily attach the Metal Plate on back of smartphones, and simply mount with just a tap. This listing is for our updated Version 2 iTap Mini, which features even stronger magnets, compatible with thicker phone cases.