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Kandagawa Jet Girls Racing Hearts Edition Day 1 Playstation 4

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The sport of the future is here: jet racing! The brightest, most daring young athletes in Japan take to the Waterways of Tokyo on high-tech jet machines. Each jetter, or driver, pairs up with a shooter, who blasts the opposition with various types of water guns. The fans are wild, the races are wilder, and the water’s great! But there’s more at stake than a trophy or two. Each racer has her own dreams, her own driving force pushing her onward.

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Dash down the River and leave the competition in your wake Zoom off of ramps pull flips and twists in the air to fill your boost engine dodge or blast obstacles find hidden powerups. Winning races and challenges will unlock hundreds of customization options, from the girls’ swimsuits and hairstyles to the jet machines’ skins decals and special effects. Experience the game’s robust story Mode with each of the seven two-girl teams having their own unique multi-episode Arc totaling 64 episodes of lighthearted racing drama or go online for multiplayer. Ryōna and ryōbi from senran kagura are included as a bonus team in the Western release with more of their Ninja friends on the way as Premium DLC


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