Maneater – Nintendo Switch


The highly acclaimed sharkpg is now on Nintendo Switch
For the first time ever, the open Waters of port Clovis have evolved to go portable
Whether you’re on the go or in your home, you now can eat, explore, and evolve your way to the top of the food Chain and become the apex predator of the ocean

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Experience the ultimate power fantasy as the Apex predator of the seas – a terrifying Shark! Maneater is a single-player action RPG, set in the unforgiving waters of the Gulf coast. Fight to survive in the open ocean, with danger lurking at every depth. Your only tools are your wits, your jaws, and an uncanny ability to evolve as you feed. Also includes the tiger Shark evolution! The tiger Shark is often called the ‘garbage disposal of the sea.’ appropriately enough, this evolution allows you to digest nearly anything, increasing your ability to gain vital nutrients from all varieties of prey.

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