Multi Coloured Luminated D-Pad Thumbsticks and Buttons For PS4 Controllers


This item qualifies for free shipping and is protected by our 30 day money back guarantee. Select “Free Shipping” at checkout, expedited delivery available. Fully designed for the PS4 controller, works on all models of the PS4 controller. Equipped with 7 different colors, red, green, blue, chartreuse, purple, blue violet and cyan. Also features slow blink and fast blink mode, with a total of 9 different modes. You can turn it off anytime you like and its easy to install. Simply open up your controller and stick and plug. Compatible with all PS4 controllers, colours: Red, green, blue, chartreuse, purple, blue violet, cyan, slow blink, fast blink, 7 colors 9 modes. Touch control, come with clear dpad, 2 thumbsticks and 4 face buttons. Simply stick and plug, no soldering required. Item comes with a screw driver, prying stick, tweezers and spare screws. Please note the PS4 controller is NOT included. No batteries are required if you need help with the installation please contact us via the BestBuy portal, however there are plenty of tutorial videos available online as its a standard process. Your payment information is encrypted and protected by Comodo Security – The Global Leader in Cyber Securities

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