Namco Bandai Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions PS4

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For the love of the game The worlds of soccer and anime converge in Captain tsubasa: rise of new Champions, based on the renowned Captain tsubasa series. The game Chronicles the athletic exploits of tsubasa ozora as he plays out his love for the game and advances through the ranks of multiple soccer leagues. Captain tsubasa: rise of new Champions immerses players in an action packed soccer game that features exhilarating gameplay, over the top signature shots and accessible gameplay.

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Execute powerful offensive and defensive moves to gain an advantage during the match. The pitch comes to life with vivid anime-like graphics and characters from the beloved series. Multiple gameplay modes including story modes, versus and online versus. Pre Order DLC Pack includes: Open Sky Uniform Set (Uniform, Ball, Cleats), Hawk Uniform Set (Uniform, Ball, Cleats), Tsubasa’s Challenge Ball to Wakabayashi, All-Japan Junior Youth Uniform, Meiwa FC Uniform, Shutetsu Uniform, and 2 Goal Performances (Acrobatic and Uniform Close-Up)


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