Playstation 4 Custom Decal Skin With 2 DualShock Controller Skins

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Have you ever seen a better designed Playstation 4? If you answered no then what are you waiting for. Our premium custom decal designed Playstation 4 Skin is a one of a kind, simple adhesive skin that you can apply to your PS4 to increase it's already high “wow” factor.

Show it off to your friends with this unique decal skin for Playstation 4. Also includes 2 custom skins for your Dualshock controllers.

Prices are in Canadian (CAD) dollars, no extra fees. Ships to US / Canada, save money on the exchange if you're buying from the U.S.

  • Estimated Delivery: 20-30 Days (can be quicker)
  • International Delivery, Ships WorldWide
  • Custom designed Playstation 4 Console Skin
  • Simple adhesive
  • Simply peel and stick skin on Playstation and PS4 Controllers
  • Tutorial videos available upon request

Note: If you are not a Canadian resident, change your country after you “proceed to checkout” to pay zero tax. Save money by buying in Canadian dollars. Example: 14.99 CAD = 11.64 USD (exchange rates may differ)

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