The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Nintendo Switch


2 games in 1– for the first time, players in North America/Europe get 10 episodes from the great Ace attorney: adventures and the great Ace attorney 2: resolve, previously only available in Japan. An all-new cast – The collection follows ryunosuke naruhodo, an ancestor of Phoenix Wright, alongside a colorful new cast of characters including the quirky Ace detective, Herlock sholmes

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New gameplay mechanics – The great Ace attorney Chronicles debuts two new gameplay experiences to raise the stakes in and out of the courtroom. Bonus content included – in addition to the two games, the collection also includes exciting bonus content that was previously released as DLC content or through special events in Japan. Art gallery and Auditorium – Experience the beautiful artwork, music and voice recordings of the great Ace attorney, presented in full-fledged galleries for players to enjoy

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