Thrustmaster Bundle TH8A + T3PA Pro

Thrustmaster offers a package for all motor racing fans who want to recreate the thrill of racing. This Kit includes the uniquely designed TH8A gearbox that offers two types of driving: h-type (7+1) and sequential (+/-), as well as the T3PA-PRO 3-pedal set that’s 100% adjustable (tilt and height for all 3 pedals) for optimal playing comfort. For better immersion and a more realistic playing experience. The “race gear TH8A & T3PA Pro” allows you to perfect your setup and become a real driver.

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Both accessories are made from 100% Metal, making them solid and accurate
Thrustmaster TH8A – The Gearbox is equipped with H.E.A.R.T. (Hall effect accurate technology) technology
The contactless magnetic sensors ensure lasting precision: there are no tact switches or potentiometers, giving it an unlimited lifespan
Thrustmaster T3PA Pro – The pedal set’s unique design allows you to install it in two positions: floor-mounted (F1 Type) or suspended (GT Type)

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