Thrustmaster Bundle TH8A + T3PA

Gain experience on the track and take your driving skills to the next level with this accessory kit that includes a multiplatform gearbox and pedal set. This kit includes the uniquely designed TH8A gearbox that offers two types of driving: H-type (7+1) and sequential (+/-), as well as the T3PA 3-pedal pedal set that can be adjusted both in spacing (3 possible positions) and tilt (2 possible positions), and the height of the accelerator pedal can also be adjusted (2 possible positions)

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These two products come together to create a realistic experience during gameplay. Thrustmaster TH8A – The gearbox is equipped with H.E.A.R.T. (Hall Effect AccuRate Technology) technology. The contactless magnetic sensors ensure lasting precision: there are no tact switches or potentiometers, giving it an unlimited lifespan. Thrustmaster T3PA – Large 3 Pedal set for the TX Racing Wheel for PS3/PS4/Xbox One/PC

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