Thrustmaster T300 RS Racing Wheel – PlayStation 4


Quick Overview Video The Thrustmaster Force Feedback Wheel helps PS4 gamers hone their driving skills and go to the next level in racing games. For unrivalled immersion, and a pure connection with the road, the T300RS crosses the checkered flag every time. Genuine brushless servo industrial Force Feedback motor (with frictionless action) 1080 degree dual-belt system is super-smooth Super smooth and seamless force feedback effect, ultra-responsive and realistic force effects Detachable Racing GT Style Wheel Realistic: 11 inch / 28 cm diameter racing wheel featuring a brushed metal central spokes 2 large fixed paddle shifters on the racing wheel Reinforced rubber texture on the wheel’s entire circumference 13 action buttons (including 2 on base) + 1 D-Pad 100% metal Compatible with Playstation 4 / Playstation 3 and PC.

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