Warhammer 40K Mechanicus – Nintendo Switch

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Take control of the most technologically advanced army in the Imperium – the adeptus mechanicus. Your every decision will weigh heavily on the outcome of the mission, in this turn-based tactical game. Will you be blessed by the omnissiah?.

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Augment Flesh is weak! Upgrade your tech-priests with weapons, support items, servo-skulls and other mechanical augments as you assemble your cohort. Difficult decisions make tough decisions that will forge the future from your ARK mechanicus, the caestus metal I can, and send you towards alternate endings for a truly unique playthrough. Unique tactical combat engage in immersively strategic combat that will test your mettle under the extreme pressure of the xenos ambush. The library of immersion a compelling story written by Black library author, Ben counter, specifically crafted to fit the unique personality of the adeptus mechanicus faction, with each character having their own personalities and agendas. Feel the tension and admire the devotion with unique visual effects and breathtaking audio


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