Thrustmaster Led Display Holder


The LED Display Holder is a must-have for gamers who want to be totally free to enjoy their racing, without having to worry about how to position their BT LED Display. This all-in-one mounting system for the BT LED Display is quick to set up, extremely sturdy and adjustable in every respect. Adjust your LED Display Holder’s height, position and even inclination, for optimal gaming comfort!.

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Wheel optimized for enhanced feel of Force Feedback, thanks to its lightweight design (less than 2 lb/900 g). Grips optimized for long gaming sessions. Sturdy faceplate crafted of black brushed aluminum. Shape and hand positioning perfectly adapted for car racing competitions. Optimized for car racing competitions: F1, GT3, GT4, LMP1 and 2, prototypes, kart racing and single-seater.

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