Thrustmaster Racing Clamp – Playstation 4


Thrustmaster’s TM Racing Clamp is a rock-solid table clamp that allows sim racers to firmly mount their TSS Handbrake and TH8A shifter directly on a table/desk without the need for a cockpit. The TM Racing Clamp is designed to offer a true to life racing experience by providing a solid stand for Thrustmaster add-ons, enhancing the ergonomics and immersion of their sim racing setup. True immersion has a name, and that name is Thrustmaster.

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Compatible with PC/PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4/Xbox OneRobust, secure & firm attachment systemSolid stand for Thrustmaster add-ons, enhancing ergonomics & immersion while drivingSimple attachment system via two tightening screwsAdd-ons & clamp are adjustable in height, incline, position & depth

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